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Great massage! Crystal is very professional and very pleasant. I used a groupon which was a very good deal. I would definitely return to her for a massage. –Jan R

I have used many LMT over the years, I would say Crystal is at the top. She focused on the areas I asked her to. She is very easy to communicate with. I will recommend her highly. –W.C.

Crystal was very professional and listened to what I needed. The hour went by too fast! She focused on my neck and shouders and helped relieve my chronic tension. I will definitely go back. –A.C.

Crystal was professional and easy to get along with. She seemed to know what she was doing and I felt much better afterwards. I will visit her again. –L.B.

Crystal is a wonderful massage therapist. She took time to ask me about my body and painful areas, and worked to relieve all of my tension. I would recommend her to anyone! – M.T.

Crystal is a professional. She always makes me so relaxed, and I never want the session to end! I always look forward to massages with her. She has the perfect touch and works out all my stress! –Michelle Williams

My first professional massage was a wonderful experience. Crystal was very professional and exceded my expectations! She did wonders for my chronic neck pain. –Deanna Jones

The entire experience was exceptional from beginning to end. I was asked where the problem areas were and Crystal took care of those spots superbly. By the end of my Therapy session I could walk without the pain I felt in my lower back all day. The tension in my shoulders and neck was gone as well. I would definitely give my highest recommendation. –J.M.

I tried Crystal through Groupon. Crystal did excellent work and was able to assist with my chronic TMJ. I recommend her work and will definitely visit her again. –C.S.

I have been intending to get a massage for the past few months and went to Crystal when I got the Groupon offer. I'll be going back soon. She really did a great job in finding all those trigger spots that release so much stress and tension. –K.J.

Crystal did a great job. I was very relaxed and felt great afterwards. I was a little tight in some areas before going in, but she definitely hit the spots and my back feels great now. I will definitely make a return trip. Thanks! –D.R.

Crystal was wonderful! She makes you feel very relaxed, and she focused on the areas of my body that needed work, but did not neglect the other areas either. Highly recommended! –Michelle A

Crystal is fantastic in what she does, I would recommend her to everybody. She makes every visit personable. And I always leave thinking she is worth every dollar. –Susie C

I tried Crystal through Groupon, she focused on the areas I asked her to and did a wonderful job of getting out all my knots. This was the best massage I have ever had! –Felix K

I have been using Crystal for deep tissue massage therapy for at least 5 years now. I suffer from migraines with alot of tention in my neck and shoulders. Crystal always knows what to do and hits on my worst parts everytime! You wont find a more caring massage therapist ! –Christy D

The decor was beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Crystal Sutton did a great job and focused on the areas just as I requested. I would recommend highly. -Delores

My experience with Crystal was excellent. Her technique is very good. She really knows how to work the tender places. I recommend her highly. to one and all. –Joyce D

I am new to Birmingham and tried Crystal Sutton through Groupon. I had been looking for a LMT and she did a fabulous job. She focused on the areas I requested and even found new spots that needed some work. Definitely would recommend! –Jessica F

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